Revitalization Vs. Intensification

Traveling across Kingston Rd. about a month ago, I could not help but notice the big, colourful signs near Sharpe St. proclaiming, “Coming Soon – Luxury Condos Overlooking the Lake”  I felt like I had been punched in the gut as I immediately realized that the behind...

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Our Unsustainable Future

Recently my thoughts have turned to the issue of human population on our planet.  It has nearly always been my belief that the human race has overpopulated, and that that is the root cause of many of our woes.  You can imagine my surprise when a couple of dear friends...

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Litter and The Bluffs

One of the first signs of Spring in Toronto is the heaps of trash in corners and in spaces that were concealed by the snow.  This year was no exception, and The Bluffs are notorious for litter.  I am dismayed every time I visit one of the parks near the cliff's edge;...

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An Early Spring in the Bluffs

Spring has arrived early this year, bringing with it all the birds and flowers you could dream of.  We have probably all have seen the American Robins for a few months already, with the Red-winged Blackbirds following closely behind.  Song Sparrows, Cardinals, and...

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Community Turns out to Oppose Proposed Trail

On January 24th, the City of Toronto held a public meeting at Blessed Cardinal Newman High School to talk to the community about their proposal to extend the Waterfront Trail through the northern part of Bluffer’s Park, the area known to most as Chine Meadow.   The...

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The Paving of Chine Meadow

 I have spent many an afternoon or evening hiking or cycling on the unpaved paths of the northernmost part of Bluffer's Park, known to most as the Chine Meadow.  It's a beautiful place.  There are butterflies and birds in the summer, foxes and deer at all times of the...

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Geology and Conservation in the Bluffs – A Brief History

The more time I’ve spent hiking through the ravines, walking the beaches and trails, and admiring the stunning views of the Bluffs has made me more curious about the history of this place --- both the geological and the social.  There is a plaque placed in Bluffer’s...

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Local Residents Outraged by Damage at Cathedral Bluffs Park

On Oct 11th and 12th, Nikita Productions was allowed to film in Cathedral Bluffs Park.  When some residents found out, they were concerned about possible damage to the area, but were assured that all damage, such as a scene involving  “burning” were to be simulated. ...

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