Our Vision for The Bluffs

Imagine a time in the future when we live in a scenario that we see so often in science fiction movies…a desolate, burned out earth with no living thing to be found.  It’s an image we’ve seen many times in popular movies and TV shows. Imagine that a staggering...

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Bringing Conservation Home

If you have been following the news for the past few years, you will have seen many disturbing and distressing news items surrounding mass die-offs of birds, fish, mammals and other wildlife. The headlines would lead you to believe that the scientific community is...

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The Dark Side of Bluffer’s Park

For most of us, Bluffer’s Park is a little piece of paradise. It’s a natural wonder, full of wildlife, the sound of water lapping up against the shore, and full of scenic paths to soothe and calm the nerves. But, there is a dark side to this park that we all know and...

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What to Expect for Bluffer’s Park

Many of us who live in the neighbourhood have found refuge in the sights, sounds and wildlife at Bluffer’s Park.  To the nature lovers and photographers who visit the park daily, Bluffer’s Park is a slice of paradise---an oasis from the pressures of the city.The...

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Ice Storms and Polar Vortices, Oh My!

2013 dealt us some severe weather conditions locally and globally.  Here in the GTA we had massive flash flooding, an ice storm, and a condition that is the new catch-phrase, the “Polar Vortex”.  Globally, we have seen snow and cold conditions in Israel and Florida,...

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It’s been a long time since I sat down in front of the computer to compose an article for The Wild Bluffs.  Truth be told, I was feeling a lack of inspiration this summer, and I found it difficult to do any writing or to work on any of the conservation issues at...

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Getting to Know the Trumpeter Swans at Bluffer’s Park

As a relative newcomer to life in the Bluffs,  I am just getting used to the changes of season and the new sights that they bring.  This winter I was delighted to discover the group of over-wintering Trumpeter Swans that inhabit Bluffer’s Park.  At first, it took me a...

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Condos For Sale!

Like many of you, I have noticed that the proposed condo build on Kingston Rd. seems to be moving along at a fast clip.  VHL has set up a sales centre on the site of the old Hasty Market complete with demo suites installed.  Upon entering the office, I noticed...

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