It’s been a long time since I sat down in front of the computer to compose an article for The Wild Bluffs.  Truth be told, I was feeling a lack of inspiration this summer, and I found it difficult to do any writing or to work on any of the conservation issues at hand.

We know that we need protection for what remains of The Bluffs.  We know we want to stop the encroachment of development.  We know we want to build a strong and healthy community – for humans and for wildlife, trees and plants.

But without a specific issue to cling to or to fight, these goals often seem vague and unobtainable.  With the push of corporations and governments being for development and economy at all costs, it seems that the voice of nature is getting lost in the shuffle – and even worse – being intentionally destroyed in favour of making a quick buck.

Those who have had any awakening in life have come to realize that we are connected to all living beings, either directly or indirectly.  And, that we are also part of nature ourselves.  We know that the further we remove ourselves from nature the more our health suffers on all levels of our being.  So, it is for the benefit of all that nature should be cherished and preserved.

What are we to do with the masses who have lost their way and see only the fiscal value of nature?  Every day more and more reports come crashing in on how many animals are dying en masse and how many ecosystems are collapsing and dying.  New reports think that up to 80% of our oceans may be dead, something that we will not be able to live through much longer.

It certainly is depressing to ponder, and leaves one feeling demoralized and unmotivated to push back against the global trend.  When all we hear is politicians speaking of our “economy” and “jobs” while our environment is falling apart, it leaves us little room to make better choices in leadership.  So, how do we take back our communities and control of our lives and health?

There are no easy answers, but I do know that the “powers that be” are very motivated and single-minded when it comes to their plans and goals.  This is why they so often achieve them.  Environmental or conservation groups often fail due to lack of organization, in-fighting or lack of adequate support.  The only remedy I have found for this is to have an informal grass-roots organization where all the members are self-led and motivated, with a common goal in mind.  This requires that everyone take responsibility for their own daily goals and plans and work with other members and not against them.   Ego and power issues absolutely need to be taken out of the equation.  It is actually extremely difficult to achieve this type of movement, but it is very powerful with a lot of potential for real change and enlightenment for communities who don’t even understand how they are being marginalized.

We know for certain that the old way of doing business is ineffectual and has failed to produce any substantive results.   Change starts from within, and we all must look inside ourselves to see what is holding us back from moving forward and bringing some real change to the world outside of us.  Consider this – there are 7 billion people currently on the planet (and we are grossly over-populated, but that is an issue to tackle another time) and out of these 7 billion people, there can only be a few million at the most who are the corporations, government leaders, decision makers, etc.  It should be clear to everyone by now that we have ALL the power, not just some of it.  But the change that is truly required involves everyone personally seizing that inner power and taking true control of their lives and their surroundings.  To all my wild friends, the trees, the critters and the flowers, I say “Solidarity!”  May all that we do and think involve your welfare as well as ours, because we are all connected and I wish for a healthy, safe and sustainable future for all of us.

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