Walking the Bluffs and Area Parks

So who is this guy Arvo that gets his pictures posted on the Wild Bluffs all the time?I am a full time resident of Scarborough and have lived my entire 56 years here as well as living in the same house since birth.  We are a very short drive from the Scarborough...

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Raising Butterflies

Over the years I have had many pets in my house. In fact, I have lived with a lot of classes of animalia (but not reptilia, although I hear geckos are fun). I have had fish, birds, cats, dogs and butterflies. The last seems like an odd addition, but they are like...

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Making Your Home and Garden Butterfly Friendly

Residents of the GTA were treated to an incredible influx of butterflies recently, as thousands of Red Admirals fluttered into the area, driven north early by a mild winter and warm spring weather in the U.S. and Canada. Our regular early arrivals, Mourning Cloaks,...

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My usual haunt is Bluffer's Park, but today I ventured down the Doris McCarthy Trail. Once you enter the trail, nature will sweep you off your feet and throw your worries away as you walk amongst the trees, hearing the chirping of birds, the chipmunks rustling through...

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Lots of Great New Photos in Our Community Gallery!

We have been receiving many great photo submissions from residents, but we are still looking for community writers.  Tell us your tales of wildlife in The Bluffs, conservation efforts you have made, or your insights into the current struggle for preservation.  I have...

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Reflections from an Oasis

As a long time resident of the area, I have fallen in love with the Bluffer's Park and the Bluffs in general.  In the middle of a concrete city it is an oasis in which to unwind, enjoy, photograph, or just walk.I have seen many species of birds, mammals, insects,...

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Be the FIRST to write an article in the community section!

Greetings! This site is new, but we plan on building it up and making it something special.  I encourage people of the community to take their own photos, and tell us their own stories about life in the Bluffs.  We would like to publish your work! If you're...

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